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Good news, readers! We're bringing back the old tradition of our " Comment of the Week " here the Daily Weekly. That means we pick


The Daily Weekly Comment of the Week: Army Vet Tells Anti-Military Nut What's Up

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Good news, readers! We're bringing back the old tradition of our "Comment of the Week" here the Daily Weekly. That means we pick the most insightful, hilarious or otherwise memorable comment of the week, then present it to the world amidst stupendous fanfare (or righteous mocking). This week's winner is "Klo" who responded to the healthy debate that kicked off over the story of UW Professor Amy Hagopian and her whacked out views on military recruiters being "like child predators."

Here's Klo's comment:

I got bored reading your post but from what I picked up here and there, you are dead wrong. I did 6 years in the Army. I am a female and was never raped. Never saw discrimination. My job skills learned in the army translated into an $80,000 a year job as a civilian. I am a semester from a Bachelors degree paid for by Uncle Sam. Its all about choice. You choose to join. You choose a worthwhile career. You choose to use your GI Bill benefits. Or you don't its up to you. For many, the military is the best possible thing kids could do for themselves. Get your facts straight.

It was in response to this comment by someone calling themselves "Curtis Cartier is a liar" (awesome):

What a load of bullshit. What reality are you living in? Young people are joining the military now for the same reason they joined during Vietnam: there ain't no jobs here. The military provides some pay (crappy, but some pay) and a place to live.

How about instead of pulling propaganda out of your ass, you act like a journalist. Instead of lying, you could do some research. If you did, you would learn that your words are full of shit.

The Poverty Draft

The majority of military recruits come from below-median income neighborhoods . This pattern has been going on for a long time. It's called the Poverty Draft, and it's no coincidence.

It's the result of the unfair setup where opportunities are systematically eliminated in the communities that need them the most, while the military continues to get more and more funding.

We have decrepit schools, bad housing, limited job options and poor healthcare. Despite our serious needs, the government spends more money trying to convince us to join the military than on basic human needs like education.

The pentagon dropped $13,000 recruiting each person who enlisted. Compare that to the $1,115 that is spent on education per student, and you've got a pretty clear picture of the government's priorities.

Military recruiters are out in full force in the neighborhoods that are hurting the most, preying on the lack of opportunities. They want us to believe that the only option for us is to join up. They say we'll be safer at war overseas than on our block. They're promising college tuition, job training, and adventure...

Klo gets the win because (unless she's a really good fibber) she speaks from experience, with authority and with her priorities residing in giving people opportunities, not limiting them.

Good call Klo.

Now bask in your new found fame!

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