Sex Game Finally Announced for Kinect, No Release Date Yet: Can Someone Please Hack Us a Porn Game Already

kinect sex01.jpg
Dancing along with Michael Jackson and riding on inner tubes is cool, but come on Kinect, what's a brother got to do to squeeze some 3D titties? Apparently the answer to that question is: wait a little longer.

Sure, masturbating video game fanatics (as if there's any other kind) did get some good news on Thursday, in that an untitled interactive sex game was announced and is being developed even as you read this. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee on when, or even if, it will make it to U.S. markets.

From the looks of a preview video the game's got hot ladies with fully gropeable goods (no word if it features dudes too). It's got overly elaborate settings like expensive pools and private dungeons. And best of all, the user gets to interact with the girls using a super creepy disembodied hand that floats (that's one hand, mind you, which leaves the hand free to, I don't know, make a sandwich).

The company making it, ThriXXX, is the same company that that makes online internet games "3D SexVilla," "Fetish 3D" and "3D Slut." If somehow the titles didn't give you a hint, the ThriXXX website is extremely NSFW.

There's no answer yet as to how this masterpiece of 3D spanktitude will make it to gaming shelves. Microsoft has no part in the making of the game and ThriXXX VP of Business Development Brad Abram told MSNBC:

"We have no idea how [Microsoft] will react...but we think the genie is out of the bottle, so to speak. In regards to commercial games, we do not sell at retail, do not have a need for [game ratings], and everything is done offshore in Europe," said Abram, suggesting they might even give it away free as part of the open-source community efforts.

Now, since you likely only read this far to see the trailer video. Here it is (note: YouTube has been playing whack-a-mole with these videos, shutting them down for their slight nudity, so if its broken, we'll get a new one up ASAP. Oh yeah, it too is NSFW)

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