Seattle Ranked Fourth Best City in the Nation to Find a New Job

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If you live in Seattle and you're reading this during work hours, hoping your IT guy isn't eavesdropping on your screen, you're in the clear. If you're reading this at home because you have no job, you're excuses are running a little thinner. That's because despite the Big Bad Recession, Seattle has been ranked the fourth best city in the nation to find a new job in, according to

The website released its rankings on Wednesday based on job postings, unemployment levels and population.

Pretty much every major metropolitan area saw hiring go down in the last year. Some more than others. Washington D.C. remains at the top of the list of 30 cities, where apparently its been for three years. Next in line is Boston, then San Francisco and finally, our beloved citadel.

On the flip side, the site says that the five worst cities to get a job in are: Riverside, Calif.; Memphis, Tenn.; Detroit; Tampa, Fla.; and Louisville, Ky.

Here's the top ten:

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