Seattle Ranked 10th Best Business City in Nation, Was 31st Last Year

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Suck it, rest of the nation. While ya'll have been wallowing in your recession sorrows, Seattle has been adding jobs and moving up in the business world. Granted we're not at the top of the list and there are plenty of unemployed folks who will find little comfort in this news, but according to new rankings from MarketWatch, Jet City climbed from the No. 31 best city for business last year to 10th best now.

MarketWatch compared 102 different cities, scoring them based on factors like unemployment, job growth, personal income, population growth and local GDP.

Washington D.C. topped the list, while Fresno, Calif. was at the bottom.

Per MarketWatch:

Seattle did well in jobless comparisons between 2006 and 2010, and in keeping it down during those four years. And it ranked in the top fifth among cities in creating jobs relative to its population.

Here's the top ten:

1. Washington D.C.

2. Omaha, Neb.

3. Boston

4. Des Moines, Iowa

5. Minneapolis

6. Denver

7. Richmond

8. New York

9. Harrisburg, Pa.

10. Seattle

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