On that exploding bring-back-the-Sonics Facebook page , now with 5,000 fans and counting, Kartik Shrivastava asks "what can we the people do to help get


Seattle Basketball Fans Easily Forgetting That Team Thievery Was Once a Crime

On that exploding bring-back-the-Sonics Facebook page, now with 5,000 fans and counting, Kartik Shrivastava asks "what can we the people do to help get the hornets to seattle?" Joey Vires, his spellchecker in the shop, writes "bring are team back home fuc new orleans." Yes, fuck New Orleans, the devastated underwater city that once lost its team to Oklahoma City, too. The NBA Hornets eventually flew home to the bayous of eternal recovery, lost more money, and, rumor has it, are poised to complete the circle by migrating to Seattle.

Other Facebookers note that the Hornets are in an attendance slump and would be better off in Seattle - where an attendance slump led to the Supes' departure. A few described the potential franchise shift to Seattle as the only "honorable" resolution to the NBA's theft of "are" team.

You wonder: in the middle of the sad Sonic heist, did anyone in greedy OKC write "fuc seattle"? Probably. And perhaps the day will come when someone in New Orleans writes "fuc okc," when they lose the Sonics-cum-Thunder to the Big Easy.

Should this latest long-shot move happen and the Hornets leave Nola, you can imagine what angry fans would say:

David Stern [NBA commissioner] is such an arrogant, obnoxious moron it defies the imagination. Watching him smugly "answer" questions at that press conference was unreal. His arrogance, lying, and stupidity was just oozing out of his pores.

I still can't believe that my childhood NBA team and all the great memories that go with it are on the verge of being stolen. I am watching every moment of the current finals knowing that it may be the last time I ever watch an NBA game. Just a real shame.

I'm still working on what is the point of it all? If they don't want to be here, why would anybody want them here? Sounds like some combination of indentured servitude and kidnapping. Let them go. Start a new team. It's just a game.

Et cetera. Those of course are the anguished comments of Seattleites in 2008 as the NBA monopolists listened not to their fans but to their bankers. And now, with angry Seattle having become hypocritical Seattle - "I don't give a shit what team we get, as long as we get one" says one Facebooker - greed is good again.

As Sonics-to-Thunder owner Clay Bennett said, awaiting his Oklahoma team's first official game, "There's a word for this, and it's an overused word and not quite the right word, but the word is 'surreal.' "

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