Seattle Hornets Hopes Go Viral: Facebook Page Nears 2,000 Fans in Two Days

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That didn't take long. It was only last week when rumors began picking up steam that the New Orleans Hornets attendance trouble and subsequent league acquisition might send the team to Seattle. But, as any red-blooded American does when faced an important and rally-worthy issue, someone set up a Facebook fan page. It's called "Bring the New Orleans Hornets to Seattle" and, wouldn't you know it, it's a hit.

The page was launched on Sunday and is linked to the SuperSonics fan blog, which is likely seeing its biggest traffic swell in years since the rumors hit their pitch. As of Tuesday around 7 p.m., the page had nearly 4,000 fans and seemed to be gaining dozens more every few minutes.

I'll go ahead and let the myriad of naysayers who will inevitably comment on this post poke holes in the Hornets-coming-to-Seattle narrative, but, as pointed out previously, there are several massive barriers in the way of us getting a new NBA team. These include, most glaringly, the lack of a proper arena and of the political will to build a new one or renovate KeyArena. Also, there's the fact that NBA Commissioner David Stern says he'd rather see the league shed teams then have them move, not to mention the other potential homes for the Hornets, which include Kansas City, Anaheim and their current home in the Big Easy.

All that said, I'm now a fan of the Facebook page, and I'm guessing you are too.

Go unquenchable optimism!

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