Salvation Army Bell-Ringers Claim Donation Kettles Stolen From Under Their Noses

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It's understandable that the job of ringing a bell outside in the cold next to a donation kettle takes a certain amount of concentration. But how several Salvation Army bell-ringers can claim that their donation tins were cut off with bolt cutters by thieves, while they were standing nearby, apparently oblivious, seems like a new height in yuletide incompetence.

KING-5 News reported the story Wednesday night, saying that twice "when a bell ringer wasn't looking," someone came up behind and cut off the donation kettle with bolt cutters, then made off with the loot.

Granted, a lot of Salvation Army bell-ringers likely voted for Franklin D. Roosevelt when they were younger. But someone sneaking up behind and stealing one of the two pieces of equipment they'd been charged with keeping an eye on? Come on.

None of the bell-ringers have yet reported getting their bells stolen directly from their hands, but then again, the holiday season is just getting started.

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