Royce Lynn Baxter, Alleged Tumwater Underwear Thief, Caught With Panties and Pit Bulls

Having a thing for collecting women's panties is neither a crime, nor is it all that unusual. That changes once it starts to involve breaking into people's houses and raiding their dressers. And it never helps to get caught later with bag full of stolen underwear, along with a gun and four snarling pit bulls.

Royce Lynn Baxter, a 59-year-old from Long Beach, as you may have guessed, is accused of being that guy. The Olympian has the story from Christmas Eve.

Baxter apparently had one main target: a woman he worked with 10 years ago at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who now lived near Tumwater.

He'd creeped the lady and her husband out before; at one point, they had apparently filed a restraining order against him, and had even moved towns to get away from him.

That was until Dec. 15, when the woman's husband supposedly found Baxter rifling through her panty drawer. He said he fought with him for a while, before the man took off with a bunch of her tighty whiteys.

He was arrested not long afterward with the chonies, the gun and the four "aggressive" pit bulls.

He may have been en route to the local high school bathroom, where, we hear, a man can make a dollar a head showing off panties to freshmen.

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