Robert Larson, Seahawks Fan, Sues New York Jets' Shaun Ellis for Throwing Snowball Into Stands

snowball toss01.jpg
As the humiliated New York Jets made their exit from a snow-covered Qwest Field two years ago, fans showered them with thousands of snowballs. One Jet, defensive end Shaun Ellis, joined the fun when he picked up a beach ball-sized hunk of snow and tossed it up to the first row of fans. Now, the P-I reports that one of those fans, King County resident Robert Larson, is suing Ellis, claiming that he suffered "injury, mental distress, humiliation, pain and suffering" from the snowball.

The video of the snowball shower went viral on the internet and the NFL ended up fining Ellis $10,000 for the toss. Here's the video in case you missed it.

It's unclear if Larson is the one holding the snowball up triumphantly after it lands, then doing the Heisman pose with it. But if so, there certainly doesn't seem to be much "injury, mental distress, humiliation and pain and suffering" going on.

Besides, the smaller baseball-sized specimen that linebacker Calvin Pace rockets before Ellis' glacier lob looks much more painful.

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