Robert Gagno Is Now Officially the Best Pinball Player in Canada

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Last week's cover story on 22-year-old autistic savant Robert Gagno left off with the " 'Rain Main' of pinball" ranked as the second-best player in Canada behind his friend and mentor Eden Stamm, a 39-year-old pizza deliveryman from Vancouver. But now, according to Josh Sharpe, the head of the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA), the sport's ranking body, those positions have been reversed.

On Saturday, Robert won the Seattle Pinball League's championship tournament and, as a result, finished with enough points to be ranked number one in Canada, marking the first time anyone other than Stamm has held the top spot since the IFPA began compiling its rankings in 2006.

Robert's finish also means that he's the SPL's leading point-getter for the year. And, on top of everything, he's also the youngest player (by far) to be ranked in the Top 20 worldwide. To check out the rankings, click here.

(And in case you're wondering, yes, that little gold man on top of the trophy is playing a little golden pinball machine.)

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