Ramon D. Noggles, Spokane Genius, Arrested For Drunkenly Towing Kids on Sled Behind ATV, Right Into Police Car

It's hard to picture a story ending well that begins with booze, snowy roads, all terrain vehicles, giant hills and children. Indeed it didn't for one Ramon D. Noggles and two kids he was hanging out with.

The Spokesman-Review has the story today. Noggles, apparently boggled, had his 10-year-old daughter and her 7-year-old friend jump on a sled that was roped to an ATV--an ATV that he planned on using to pull them around East Spokane.

This, of course, is after Police say Noggles had been hitting the sauce all night.

With Dr. Good Idea piloting the four-wheeler and the duo of un-helmeted kids towing behind--plus two more kids riding on the back of the ATV with him--the squad set off on what undoubetedly started as a really exciting bit of fun

snowy hill01.jpg
Trust me kids, I'm your drunk father.
But as the man and his litter flew down what photos make look like an Olympic giant slalom, the sled o' kids drifted and came slamming into a parked Spokane Police car.

Afterward the kids were taken to the hospital (no word yet on their status) and pops was taken to jail for DUI and a laundry list of vehicle violations. The two kids who were riding on the ATV with him are fine--and probably now are glad they didn't get to ride the super-fun sled down the hill.

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