Phillip R. Greaves II, Author of "Pedophiles Guide," Under Arrest for Felony Obscenity in Florida

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It's more or less universally accepted that Phillip R. Greaves II's book "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover's Code of Conduct" which was banned from Amazon last month is a contemptible piece of literature, written by someone with serious issues. But whether the writing of it is deserving of him being sent to prison is another story.

Central Florida News 13 is reporting today that Polk County Sheriff's Deputies, working with authorities in Pueblo, Colo., have arrested Greaves for violation of the Sunshine State's obscenity laws. The arrest came after the author mailed his book to who he thought was a paying customer in Florida, but turned out to be deputies.

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Disgusting? Yes. Criminal? Not really.

The book apparently contains no child pornography photos or retelling of actual crimes, only fictitious stories and "rules" for how a pedophile should behave (all of which is information that's readily available on the internet).

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd tells CFN 13 that his deputies were able to arrest him in Colorado under Florida statutes, because it's the only state where obscenity laws are such that even writing about pedophilia as a positive activity is a crime--a felony, actually.

"He wrote this book specifically to teach people how to molest and rape children,'' Judd said. "You cannot engage in or depict children in a harmful light. There may be nothing the other 49 states can do but there is something Florida can do. We can prosecute (Phillip Greaves) for this manifesto.''

So basically, the only state in the nation that could arrest Greaves for writing an obscene book did so by tricking him into mailing it there so they could bust him back in Colorado.

We're certainly no fans of defending anyone with the sick, twisted views on child-adult relations that Greaves obviously has, but we're also fans of a free speech. And when people start getting arrested for writing offensive words in a book, the country takes a step backward.

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