Ninety-Two-Year-Old Man Chews Through Bonds After Robbers Tie Him to Chair

old man teeth01.jpg
At 92-years-old, most guys are just happy to be able to chew through their meatloaf. So if the nonagenarian alleged robbery victim from Shoreline who chewed through the bonds that a duo of robbers left him in isn't doing ads for Fixodent by next month, we'll be shocked.

According to King County Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart the crime went down like this:

Two white men in their 20's asked to use the phone. He let them into the house, then sat down in a kitchen chair while one suspect went to use the bathroom. When the man came out the two suspects grabbed the victim's arms and held them while they used masking tape to tape him to the chair. The suspects spent over an hour in the house while they looked for valuables, eventually taking over $400 in cash (and a Ford pickup truck) from the man. Both men were 5'7" to 5'8", about 165 lbs.

For two hours after the thieves left, the though old guy apparently gnawed on his bonds until he chewed his way to freedom. He had some bruises, but was otherwise unharmed.

He'd like his truck back though.

So if anyone sees a 2000 Ford R-10 pick-up truck, Washington plate No: B34861L, call the Sheriff and the grateful owner will take you out for a meal of old caramels and jawbreakers.

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