New Orleans Politicians, Lawyers Vow to Keep Hornets From "Those Billionaires in Seattle"

steve ballmer02.png
The folks in New Orleans don't want to give up their NBA team. Especially not to to "those billionaires in Seattle."

That was the message yesterday when Gov. Bobby Jindal, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and a host of business leaders, lawyers and sports fans met to discuss how the city can save Chris Paul and the rest of the Hornets from the clutches of competing cities like Seattle, Kansas City and Anaheim, Calif.

The Seattle Times reports that Morris Bart, a local attorney who said he's willing to buy 10 percent of the team, told the crowd:

"I'm aware of (Microsoft CEO) Steve Ballmer and those billionaires in Seattle who want to bring a team back there, but the message to them is: We're not giving up our team without a fight."

Pretty sure we only have one billionaire in Seattle who may want to buy an NBA team. But hey, if you want to lump us all in with Mr. Ballmer, that's fine by me. Just as long as it includes a joint checking account.

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