Nativity Scene Approved for Olympia Capitol Grounds; Bill O'Reilly Standing By

nativity scene01.jpg
Christmas just isn't the same without a war declared on it. A couple years ago, Fox host and YouTube sensation Bill O'Reilly got his frankincense in a bunch when people complained about having a Nativity scene displayed at the Capitol grounds in Olympia. Then he really blew a fuse when atheists were allowed to erect their own display inside the Capitol Rotunda. Now a similar Nativity scene has been approved to go up. But so far no one's complained. Apparently Papa Bear scared them.

The News Tribune reports today that a 50-foot-by-50-foot section of the Capitol grounds will once again host life-size statues of Christ and Co. recreating a moment from that most adorable of Biblical tales.

The Nativity scene is not far from the atheists' Tree of Knowledge and a large Jewish Menorah.

There are currently no religious displays--atheist or otherwise--inside the Capitol Rotunda. But O'Reilly has his pager set on on "piercing siren" for the moment anything secular makes its way in there.

Now let's relive the 2008 War on Christmas. Bill-O, take it away.

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