Michael LaRosa, Alleged Capitol Hill Hatchet Murderer, Now Suspected in Second Homicide

If police are right, then less than 24 hours before Michael LaRosa pulled out a hatchet and hacked 58-year-old Joseph LaMagno to death in Capitol Hill, he also beat 64-year-old Dale Holme to death with an unknown object about 15 blocks away.

The hatchet murder drew considerable attention for its brutal and random nature, in which a seemingly crazed man chopped a perfect stranger to death in broad daylight and in front of several witnesses.

But Holme's death slipped by initially with far less public scrutiny, as police had originally thought the man might have fallen accidentally and hit his head.

Later they opened a homicide investigation into his death.

The Seattle Times reports Tuesday, however, that police have "tentatively linked" both cases back to LaRosa, though he's thus far only been charged with LaMagno's murder.

Both cases happened within about 15 blocks of each other.

murder location02.jpg
8:40 pm, Nov. 21, Dale Holme found unconscious and bleeding from his head on 5th Avenue South and South Weller Street

Murder location01.jpg
10:30 am, Nov. 22, Joseph LaMagno killed with hatchet at 1400 block of East Union

Since the murder of LaMagno, a family member of LaRosa has spoken about how the suspect is a paranoid schizophrenic who hears voices and often thinks people are trying to poison him, but that was typically not violent.

In fact, in the hatchet murder case, LaRosa supposedly thought LaMagno had said "I gave your sister herpes, without having it," which sent him into a fury, hatchet in hand.

LaRosa is now in jail, held on $5 million bail. He's set to be arraigned on Dec. 7.

One can only hope that more bodies aren't pinned on him in the meantime.

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