Michael Brachais, Vancouver Driver, Pulled Over For Speeding, Then Busted for 1.5 Lbs of Pot, Stolen Guns

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It's called "cruise control." And it's something that every drug smuggler would do well to familiarize themselves with if they plan on using a car or truck to transport illegal goods. Vancouver's Michael Brachais apparently forgot about that 60-year-old bit of technology on Sunday and was pulled over in Oregon for going 16 miles-per-hour over the speed limit. It didn't take long after that for cops to find his load of weed and guns.

KOMO News reports the story on Monday and Lt. Rob Edwards of Oregon State Police confirms the details with Seattle Weekly.

According to Edwards, Brachais was cruising along in his 2000 Plymouth van south of Eugene with his speedometer clocking at 81 mph in the 65 mph zone.

That's when Oregon State Troopers clocked his speed and pulled him over. Almost immediately, the cops became suspicious that he wasn't a typical speeder, so they ordered a police dog to come sniff around.

Sure enough, doggie found 1.5 pounds of marijuana (from the looks of the pics, good shit too) along with two pistols, a shotgun and a rifle, two of which were stolen.

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Now homeboy's in jail on charges of unlawful possession, distribution, and manufacturing of a controlled substance, being a felon in possession of a firearm and first-degree theft.

All because he forgot to click the button on his steering wheel.

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