Mayor Don Gough, Sen. Pam Roach Are Two of Washington State's Six Members of "America's Worst Bosses"

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The website eBossWatch posted its list of "America's Worst Bosses" for 2010 last week. There are 100 bosses (or in several cases, small groups of bosses) who make up the list and Washington managers make up 6 percent it. Interestingly, in all but one case, each member of the Evergreen State's bad bosses is (or in some cases, was) a public employee.

The site claims its rankings were done by workplace experts who scoured over reports of bullying, sexual harassment, hostile work environments and general dickishness for the worst-of-the-worst in terms of folks you don't want to work for.

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At the top of the list is Dallas Fire-Rescue Chief Eddie Burns (Mr. Burns, eeexxxxcellent) who cost the city of Dallas $1.4 million in legal fees to defend him against three sexual harassment charges.

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Not too far down the list we get to our first Washingtonian, which is none other than Lynnwood Mayor Don Gough, who's had a history of creating an "intolerable and hostile work environment" for his female employees. In fact, the city had to pay $49,500 to settle a lawsuit from five such employees.

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Continuing down the list, Washington gets a three-way tie for the No. 17 slot between Juan Marin, Alberto "Camello" Sanchez, and Simon Ramirez of the Evans Fruit Company in Sunnyside. The trio of managers were named in a lawsuit by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for habitually subjecting female employees (including one 15-year-old) to "sexual comments, propositioning and physical groping."

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The No. 43 position for the country's worst boss belongs to former Snohomish County Planning Director Craig Ladiser. An investigation found not only that Ladiser kept women from advancing through the employee ranks, but that he sent inappropriate emails and once drunkenly exposed himself to a female employee at a golf tournament. The charges eventually led to a $600,000 settlement to keep a sexual harassment case from going to court.

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Washington's next winner at No. 56 ran in the same circles as Ladiser. In fact, Greg Morgan was a deputy for the Snohomish County Planning Department, working directly under Ladiser and he apparently helped his boss to turn the department into a "'Harley Club' where male managers routinely left work early, drank excessively, rode motorcycles together and gave each other preferential treatment in hiring and promotions."

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Finally, at No. 86, is everyone's favorite "bipolar," gun-pulling Republican state Senator Pam Roach. Roach makes the list by way of numerous instances of bullying, belittling or otherwise being a horrible human to staffers and colleagues that violated Senate rules on at least five occasions. One letter pointed out by the site, which was sent by Roach's Senate colleagues to her, said she displays "an ongoing pattern of treating your co-workers and employees with hostility and anger. As your fellow Senators, it is difficult to be in a room with you when you erupt in anger. For our employees it is unacceptable."

So there you go, Washington. All in all, your private sector bosses are not too bad (note that not a single Microsoftie made the list). But if you're going to go to work for a local politician or public servant, it may behoove you to do some name-Googleing first. That or just make sure your not female.

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