Manboobs, Avatar Robots and Flying Nightmare Machines: Our Top 5 Kinect Hacks

flying kinect.jpg
It's now been a month since Microsoft released its long awaited Kinect motion capture gaming system for the Xbox, and, by all intents and purposes, it's been a massive success. But as awesome as the official games are, what's even better are the hacks that random geeks and professional coders have come up with for the technology. Here's the top five, so far.

5. Kicking off the list is David Wilcox's hack we told you about last week. It involves manboobs, a Donna Summer disco track and a rotating list of objects that create a barrier between the viewer and said manboobs (though, sadly, not the Donna Summer disco track).

4. Next, we've got a hack that satisfies both the high-tech geek and the retro-craving hipster. YouTuber Yankeyan has rigged the original Super Mario Bros. game for Nintendo to be controlled via Kinect body movements.

3. No. 3 comes to us by way of the future billionaires at MIT. Here, student Philipp Robbel has hooked up an iRobot Create (a close cousin of the vacuum cleaning Roomba) to a Kinect. The little munchkin robot scans its surroundings and is able to navigate across the floor and into your nightmares.

2. If you think an autonomous floor skittering robot spells the doom of humankind as you know it, you're not going not going to like what the folks at the Hybrid Systems Lab at UC Berkeley have done with the technology. That's right, they made it freaking fly.

1. Finally, our No. 1 Kinect hack takes the scary robot interface meme and gives it an "Avatar" twist. Radu Bogdan Rusu of Silicon Valley robotics lab Willow Garage, hacks the Kinect to use human movements to control the PR2 robot (which looks eerily like an early version of the Terminator Hunter Killer).

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