Luke Scott, Orioles Slugger and Former Mariners Target, Is Latest Obama Birther

Last year around this time, the sports blogosphere was abuzz with rumors that the Mariners were looking to pick up slugging Baltimore Orioles outfielder Luke Scott. Around that same time, half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin jumped on the I-don't-think-Obama-was-born-in-America bandwagon. Turns out both individuals were apparently sipping the same Kool-Aid.

Scott, a self-avowed fan of guns, dead animals and Ted Nugent, gave an interview with Yahoo Sports "Answer Man" David Brown on Tuesday.

Besides talking about what the best kind of gun is to take down an elephant (Scott says it's a Weatherby Magnum, which he calls an "anti-aircraft gun") and making up statistics on how Washington, D.C., has the highest crime rate in the country (it doesn't), he also spoke with passion about how President Obama was "not born here."

Here's an excerpt:

"(Obama) was not born here. That's my belief. I was born here. If someone accuses me of not being born here, I can go--within 10 minutes--to my filing cabinet and I can pick up my real birth certificate and I can go, "See? Look! Here it is. Here it is." The man has dodged everything. He dodges questions, he doesn't answer anything. And why? Because he's hiding something ... There's no documentation of him. No legal documentation of him."

As anyone who's ever bothered to do a Google search knows, there is a huge amount of legal documentation on the president being born in Hawaii.

But facts and logic are typically moot when discussing this issue with the birther crowd.

So we put it to you, Mariners fans: As the team looks to make roster moves ahead of the 2011 season, do Luke Scott's comments make him any less of a fit in Seattle should the urge to pick him up strike again? And when the M's play the Orioles at Safeco from May 30-June 1, are you any more likely to boo or cheer for the man?

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