Leah Norton and Curtis McLay, Alleged Canadian Drug Smugglers, Arrested With 1 Million Lines of Cocaine

Folks dreaming of a certain kind of white Christmas had their snow forecasts downgraded recently, when Canadians Leah Norton and Curtis McLay were arrested in Bellingham with around 400 pounds of cocaine (that's roughly 1,075,200 lines, for the Scarfaces out there).

The Bellingham Herald reported the story on Sunday, about three weeks after the Dec. 6 arrest.

Apparently the alleged coke-carting Canucks drew the attention of federal investigators the day they were busted when they drove a rented SUV to Maple Falls, a location known as a stop for skiers going to Mount Baker and, says the feds, for dope runners on their way to the Puget Sound area.

While the duo was in Maple Falls, agents brought a drug-sniffing dog to snoop around their SUV and, sure enough, the dog sniffed him some yayo.

McLay and Norton were arrested a short time later at a nearby restaurant after the investigators obtained a search warrant and found 184 bricks of coke in the SUV.

Interestingly, while McLay seemed to be the muscle behind the operation, Norton said she was only the driver. Her cost for driving millions of dollars of drugs around the state: $1,000.

We're no experts on the going rates for professional drug mules, but a grand seems a bit low-ball for a crime that may see her do multiple years in prison.

They both are now facing federal drug charges and will soon answer for them at a Seattle district court.

But don't panic, New Year's Eve nose partiers, better-paid and better-trained coke transporters will likely make up for the hit to the local supply.

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