Johnathon D. Barnes, Auburn Shopping Cart Pusher, Arrested After Pushing Stolen TV Past Police Station

tv shopping cart01.jpg
Johnathon D. Barnes made several mistakes when he allegedly tried to steal a TV from a Quality Rentals truck in Auburn. There's his escape route, which took him right past the Auburn Police station, his attire, which amounted to head-to-toe camouflage, and his alibis, which involved a friend he was supposedly helping move the TV, but whose name and location he's not sure of.

The P-I had the story on Monday from the Dec. 16 incident. Apparently Barnes, a 22-year-old from Federal Way, had tipped off someone who called the cops after seeing a dude put a 50-inch flat-screen into a shopping cart from the back of an unattended van.

As the 911 call was dispatched, an officer who was pulling into the station saw Barnes, then made one of the shortest investigation commutes ever when he caught up to the camoed klepto a few hundred yards down the road.

Of course, after first explaining that "Naw man, I was just moving the TV for a friend," Barnes ran away. He was caught a little later, lying down in a parking lot--a fate his garb would have helped him avoid if he'd been fleeing from a crime in, say, the Panamanian jungle.

A better choice in Auburn camo would have been a Boeing company polo shirt, safety glasses and a name badge.

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