Idaho Man Spreads Christmastime Racism With KKK Snowman

kkk snowman01.jpg
"Mark," a Hayden, Idaho man who has so far refused to give his last name, loves to decorate his pad with Nazi, Aryan Nation and other white supremacist paraphernalia. "I have every right," he reminds reporters when they ask about the SS flag that flies on his garage. So when the holidays roll around and the snow falls, he's not one to let opportunity pass him by. He's turned the latest snow accumulation into a perfectly sculpted, hood-wearing, noose-holding KKK member.

KXLY reports the story Wednesday and is the second time the station has quizzed Mark about his love of all things Aryan.

The first time he made news it was over his twin Aryan Nation and Nazi SS flags that he hung up within hours of moving into his Hillview Drive house.

Then, he described his take on the flags to KXLY reporter Sally Showman:

kkk mark.jpg
Here's Mark back in July with his hair long.
"I have every right to hang 'em and fly 'em," Mark said, explaining flags are "a little bit of white pride.... I would like to say leave me alone and I'll leave you alone."

The KKK snowman is actually the second one he's built this week. The first was apparently smaller, but someone knocked it over so he got them back by building the latest one twice as tall.

Since the news broke, however, someone supposedly knocked the snowman's pointy cap off its head, making it just a normal snowman with a noose and stripping it of half its symbolic racist powers.

But don't worry, hate fans, Mark's got plans to turn it into a life size Nazi soldier next.

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