Human Foot No. 10 Washes Ashore in Tacoma

Curtis Cartier here, filling in for Rick Anderson on the morning human foot desk. The latest body-free foot to wash ashore was just discovered in Tacoma yesterday. That pushes the Washington and B.C area officially into double digits in terms of beachside foot findings since 2007.

The news was reported Tuesday evening by the Associated Press. We can tell you that foot No. 10 was found in Tacoma's Tideflats area, it's a rightie, a size six and was found still inside an Ozark Trail brand hiking boot. It's also small and likely belonged to a child or young adult.

The last foot found in the region was another rightie--this one shoeless--found on Whidbey Island in August.

That followed eight such feet found in B.C. since '07, starting with the first found by a horrified 12-year-old Washington girl inside a size-12 Campus brand sneaker along Jedediah Island.

For everything you ever wanted to know about how and why feet wash ashore in the Pacific Northwest and why all your crazy conspiracy theories are wrong, read Rick Anderson's 2008 cover story here.

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