Hackers Control World of Warcraft With Microsoft Kinect And Leave Free Hacking Software For You Too

OK, Kinect hackers. We've left you alone for a little while since we ranked our top five Kinect hacks earlier this month. So who's got something new? You, over there in your parent's basement, behind the moldy pizza boxes and Monster energy drink cans--is that a World of Warcraft Kinect hack you got there? Yeah, I thought so.

Actually, this latest Kinect hack was developed by researchers at USC's Institute of Creative Technologies, meaning they likely own their own basements and don't need to operate out of their parents'. It's made using the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST), which, best of all, you can download too, right here.

Essentially it translates body movements into keyboard and mouse commands. Easy peasy.

In the video, USC virtual reality whiz Dr. Skip Rizzo says:

"I think the real compelling aspect of all this is that you can now take off-the-shelf games, content that's already built, and emulate the keyboard actions with body movement. This opens up the doorway for building rehabilitation exercises for people after a stroke or traumatic brain injury. And in an area that's getting a lot of attention, the area of childhood obesity and diabetes."

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