Hackers Are Gathering in Seattle This Weekend and It's For Your Own Good

If you're not a hacker yourself, then the cryptic, geek-speak invite sent out by Random Hacks of Kindness and Geeks Without Bounds about a big event this weekend may seem a tad confusing. But within the endless acronyms and tech jargon, it seems clear that there will be quite the hacker shindig going down on Saturday and Sunday.

The timing couldn't be better. This week, WikiLeaks dropped a steaming data dump on U.S. and world diplomats' lawns, while anti-leak hackers did their best to wreak havoc on the site. And last week, Iran admitted that their nuclear centrifuges were hacked to go haywire, most likely by the Israelis.

Hackers, it seems, haven't been this vogue since 1995 when Zero Cool was the coolest geek in the country.

This weekend's event, dubbed OpenHackDay and taking place at Jigsaw Renaissance on Madison Street, is actually part of a worldwide hackathon with mirror events in Aarhus, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Bangalore, New York, Lusaka, Berlin, Toronto, Bogota, Atlanta, Jakarta and Birmingham.

It's being billed as a kind of hacking-for-a-good-cause type of event, with organizers inviting "developers and coders in the Seattle area to join forces and hack for the global good."

If hacking is, by nature, gaining access to a computer system without authorization, however, it's unclear if the heroic hackers will be actually "hacking" or if, at that point, it's just called "logging on."

In any case, for those that are into such things, there's probably no better place to spend the weekend.

Sign up here and look at more info here.

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