Gov. Gregoire: I Don't Talk to Mayor McGinn Anymore

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Gov. Chris Gregoire left the P-I's office earlier today, having dropped a verbal steamer on Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, saying: "...he demeaned the office of the mayor... How do you work with someone who said they can't trust you?"

Gregoire apparently said she hasn't spoken with McGinn in nearly two months.

She's mostly upset at how he's "personalize(d)" the Alaskan Way tunnel project that she supports and he vehemently opposes. Particularly, she's not a fan of McGinn's attacks on Olympia politicians like herself.

Like when McGinn said this in an Oct. 31 meeting: "I just don't think we can trust the politicians in Olympia to protect us from cost overruns. I don't believe we can trust the governor."

Gregoire's full tirade as reported by the P-I went:

"It's too bad that he demeaned the office of the mayor. I don't think that's mayoral. This isn't personal with me. I respect anybody who disagrees with the tunnel. I can understand, and I can respect it, but you don't personalize it. And those of us in elected office don't personalize. I will not lower the office of the governor and personalize anything like that. "I don't have any more meetings scheduled," she said, adding that she now speaks to (City Council President Richard) Conlin. "How do you work with someone who said they can't trust you?""

McGinn, as the self-avowed anti-pol, is inclined toward foot-in-mouth disease. But the governor is a bit more refined in her public persona, so it's a little surprising to see her throwing what amounts to a tantrum over the mayor's meanie-head comments--not so much in her lashing out against him, but in her refusal to speak with him anymore.

Sticks and stones, folks--come on.

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