Driver Ticketed in HOV Lane With "Diego" Doll May Be the Worst Fake Passenger Attempt Yet

diego doll.jpg
Every year, on some crowded expressway in some traffic-choked city, a poor working stiff decides that inching along in bumper-to-bumper traffic just isn't going to cut it. But since legally riding in the carpool lane would involve actually sharing a car with another human (um, gross), this person decides to fake it. They strap a dummy in the passenger's seat and merge left. A lot get through, some get caught. And like all things, some attempts at this art are better than others. The latest example out of Renton, however, might be the worst one yet.

We realize that "Diego," as in the cousin--ahem, primo--of Nick Jr.'s "Dora the Explorer," looks somewhat like a real child--if a real child were stuffed and incapable of sitting down. But really?

diego doll.jpg
Don't worry, son. You're a real boy to me.

Padre here got nabbed by Washington State Patrol on the Route 167 ramp getting on northbound Interstate 405, just south of Renton. The WSP posted info about the Nov. 29 incident on Thursday. Can't imagine how the trooper knew Diego wasn't a real niño.

So if a stuffed toy isn't going to cut it, let's check out some better attempts.

There's the Gandalf.

fake passenger01.jpg

The hottie.

fake passenger03.jpg

The hoodie.

fake passenger02.JPG

And Grandpa Sleepy Time.

fake passenger05.jpg

Plus, for those who can't obtain a either a mannequin or a stuffed toy, there's Carpool Kenny, a blow up person with a 30-day guarantee that you'll get caught.

fake passenger04.jpg

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