Dogs Quarantined by Animal Control After Mauling Boy Who Climbed Into Their Yard

Anyone who has seen the movie "The Sandlot" knows that climbing into a yard with one or more large dogs in it comes with serious risks. It's a lesson that, unfortunately, a 10-year-old south Seattle boy (who we're sincerely hoping experiences a speedy recovery) seems to have learned the hard way.

The AP reports Sunday that the boy lost a ball over his neighbor's fence and pushed a trashcan up against it, then climbed over to retrieve the ball. On the other side, however, were three bull mastiffs that didn't take kindly to the intrusion and mauled the boy, sending him to the ER, where he is said to have suffered serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

After the attack, the three dogs were picked up by Animal Control officers and have been quarantined pending an investigation that will determine whether they'll be euthanized.

As terrible as any young kid getting mauled by three large dogs is (and it is indeed terrible) one can't help but find some sympathy for the hounds that, were it not for the kid's fence hopping, would likely be still in their yard, looking menacing enough to keep every other kid in the neighborhood from mounting a daring ball rescue.

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