Dallas Smith, Monroe Teen, Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Man Over Being Told She Had "Smelly Feet"

In September, we told you about Dallas Smith, the Monroe 18-year-old who stabbed a man at a party, puncturing his lung, after he accused her of having "smelly feet." Well, the Herald reports that Smith is likely off to prison now and she was apparently wearing open-toed jail shoes today when she pleaded guilty to second-degree assault. No reports on whether her feet still stunk.

The night that Smith went from kooky teen at a party to soon-to-be-convicted-felon started with an ill-advised acrobatic attempt. She'd been drinking at her ex-boyfriend's house in Monroe and apparently made boisterous claims about her knack at doing back-flips.

But after removing her socks and failing at her first flip attempt, her 19-year-old friend accused her feet of being smelly.

That's when things got weird.

Smith and the man started wrestling, first playfully, then Smith rubbing her socks in his face and punching him. After it got a little too heated, the man walked away and Smith grabbed her coat and went to storm out of the door, but not before she grabbed a kitchen knife and plunged it into his back.

She took off after that leaving the victim with a knife sticking out, which he left there until police and an ambulance came, a decision that apparently may have saved his life. He recovered despite his punctured lung

Smith initially claimed she had no idea about any stabbing when police arrested her at her parents' house.

That wasn't the case in court today though, as she acknowledged that there was no way she'd be acquitted if the case went to trial.

Fortunately for her, open-toed prison shoes are supposedly way better for stinky feet than keeping them cooped up in socks all day.

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