Cops on the Hunt for He/She Pharmacy Robber

oxy robber02.jpg
King County Sheriff's Deputies currently think this latest serial pharmacy robber is female. That opinion, however, is subject to change. In any case, the person is large, black and likes to wear a big hooded jacket and pretty wigs. But what he or she likes most is oxycodone. Yummy, yummy oxycodone.

King County Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart sent out information a few minutes ago about the robber. He says the culprit has robbed one Walgreens Pharmacy in Burien twice and another Walgreens in Renton once. On one occasion a pistol is said to have been brandished.

oxy robber01.JPG
Per Urquhart:

The robber is described as short and stout. She wears bulky clothing under a heavy coat, a hat and hoody, sometimes a wig, and manages to conceal most of her face with hair from the wig or with a scarf.

In each case it's oxycodone pills the perp is after.

We're guessing the person has already tried the traditional way of scoring pain pills: faking a rib injury.

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