Amazon Boycott-Calls Now Coming From WikiLeaks Supporters Instead of Haters

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Yesterday, we reported about how people all over (well, mainly conservative bloggers) were calling for a boycott on Amazon over its hosting of the servers of secret data dumping website WikiLeaks. Well, now that Joe "Droopy Dog" Lieberman made a phone call and got Amazon to give WikiLeaks' servers the old heave-ho, one might think those calls would peter out. Nay, my friend.

Now, WikiLeaks supporters themselves are up in arms over the website's ouster. They view the axing as a blow against free speech and open government. Plus, as almost any progressive will tell you, anything that involves bashing Joe Lieberman is just plain fun.

The earlier dynamic was odd from the get-go--the whole conservatives calling for a boycott of a major corporation thing. But when paired against an ambitious, effective and, so far, uncatchable anarchist like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, it seems that even a beloved corporation like Amazon loses out to conservative populist anger.

At least now that it's free speech supporters and lefties calling for the boycott, the development somehow feels more natural.

Some of the boycott calls came from readers of this very blog. Others popped up seemingly everywhere else. The Anti War Blog has a post, so does Edward Champion and even the vanguard liberal blog FireDogLake has a call from Edward Teller telling people to "make war on Amazon" over the ousting.

On Twitter it's been dubbed "#amazonfail." A Facebook page called, simply "Boycott Amazon for Dumping Wikileaks" was set up seemingly minutes after the announcement was made that Amazon would dump WikiLeaks servers.

So whatever Amazon does--be it show some spine and stand up to intense political pressure, or cave and ditch the website that half the world thinks is a threat to society--they lose.

It was only a few weeks ago that calls to boycott Amazon were over it selling a book on how to be a pedophile. All they had to do then was get rid of the book and people stopped being mad. Simpler times, it seems.

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