Andy Wilson Jr., Vader City Councilmember, Arrested for Threatening to Kill Wife Over Savings-Account Withdrawal

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In terms of eye-popping violent or sexual scandals, the Seattle City Council rarely offers the kind of tales that top the headlines (Tom Rasmussen's soccer-star-banging aid, Ann Corbitt, notwithstanding). For juicy ignominy, Washingtonians have long turned to the more rural cities and counties--this next example of which comes to us by way of Vader.

It involves Andy Wilson Jr., an 85-year-old, two decade-long member of the Vader City Council. That's Vader, Wash., Lewis County, population 640.

As the AP reports on Saturday, it seems that Mr. Wilson's wife, Barbara, 61, withdrew some money last week from the couple's mutual savings account. Wilson didn't take kindly to such an action--it's unclear whether Barbara had a limit to how much her hubby would let her withdraw or if he is opposed to such withdraws in all forms.

Whatever the case, on Wednesday of last week, the councilman confronted his wife about the money and she says he "got in her face" with his fists clinched and told her that he would "shoot her (fucking) brains out."

The threat was serious enough, but when he supposedly walked down the hall and into his room where he keeps his guns, Barbara figured she'd best make her exit and ran out the door and drove to the sheriff's office.

Wilson was arrested and jailed soon after, becoming the latest Vader City Councilmember to make the Lewis County Jail pilgrimage since Councilmember Rodney Allison got caught with a bag of meth in April.

Wilson has since posted $5,000 bond and is a free man for the time being.

Good thing too, a couple days after Wilson got out of jail, a petition that would have unincorporated Vader and and made it no longer a city and therefore Wilson no longer a city councilmember, failed to gather enough signatures over the weekend.

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