Andrew Holmes, Lewis-McChord Soldier in Thrill Kill Case, Barred From Using Photos of Dead Afghans

It can easily be argued that once the U.S. military admits that there are photos or videos of stupid shit their soldiers did that they don't want you to see, eventually you get to see them (see: Abu Ghraib, helicopter attack). So when Army prosecutors barred alleged thrill kill soldier Pfc. Andrew Holmes from using grisly photographs of himself and his friends posing with (and in one case, apparently stabbing) Afghan corpses because they thought it might cause a backlash overseas, it's likely they are only delaying the inevitable.

Holmes, who's from Boise, Idaho and stationed south of Seattle at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, is one of five soldiers charged with crimes for supposedly killing Afghan civilians for fun in Kandahar Province this year.

The AP has the story Tuesday of how Army prosecutors were able to block the soldier from using the morbid pics in a preliminary hearing.

The photos apparently include one of Holmes holding up a dead Afghan's head and another of a soldier (not clear if it's also Holmes) stabbing a bloody corpse.

Obviously, bringing to court a bunch of macabre photos of yourself and your buddies posing with the dead alleged victims of a crime is not a traditional method of defending one's innocence. But Holmes' lawyer says some of the photos may prove it wasn't his client's weapon that did the killing.

In any case, the soldier will have another shot at using the photos when his actual court martial begins.

And more than likely, even if the photos are barred then, it's only a matter of time before they make the leak circuit.

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