Aiesha Steward-Baker, Tunnel Beating Victim and Known Criminal, Beaten Up Again, This Time Above Ground

Aiesha Steward-Baker01.jpg
When the name Aiesha Steward-Baker first popped up in the news it was in early February after a brutal beating at the Westlake Center Metro Bus Tunnel that was caught on a security camera. Then, the 15-year-old was beaten by another teen in front of several passive security guards and the incident led to national outrage and an appearance by Steward-Baker on ABC's "Good Morning America." Soon after, however, it was learned that Steward-Baker had given out her own brutal beatings and robberies in the past and was certainly no angel. Now she's been beaten up again, although this time there's no camera footage to capture it.

King 5 reports the news Tuesday evening. The attack apparently happened on Dec. 3 at a bus stop near Third Avenue and Pine Street. It supposedly involved spitting, kicking, hair pulling and purse snatching and at least one of the same juveniles who punched and kicked the crap out of Steward-Baker in February.

One person, 20-year-old Allecia Carson, was charged with second-degree robbery, though two juveniles could also face charges.

Previously, the Metro Tunnel beating became national news when a video of it was aired. The case only got more complicated when it was learned the victim had beat and robbed a woman she didn't know as well as assaulted a security guard prior to her ass whooping.

Here's the original Metro Tunnel beating.

And here's her interview not long afterward on "Good Morning America."

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