Windows Phone 7 Survives Longer Than Android and iPhone on BBQ (VIDEO)

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The Daily Weekly does not recommend cooking your smart phone on a barbecue (a crock pot works best). If, however, you are determined to carry out such a course, it's important to time the process accurately so as to avoid having a fully cooked phone go cold while the starch and sides are still in the oven. Luckily, a marketing experiment now gives the precise cooking times that had, prior to, frustrated grill masters everywhere.

The folks at EZ Grill, a Bellevue-based company that makes disposable grills, set up the experiment on the advice of Banyan Branch, a Seattle social media marketing company.

Pitting the Windows Phone 7 (as run on the HTC Surround) against the Android G2 and the iPhone 4, the point of the effort was to see which phone could take the heat of the grill the longest--or just to piss off everyone who can barely afford one smart phone, let alone set fire to three.

In either case, the Windows Phone won.

The local darling outlasted the Android that went out first and the iPhone that died shortly after by more than twice the amount of time.

So there you go, BBQ fans. Start your Windows Phone right about the time you put on the beans and halfway through the the cornbread.

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