WikiLeaks Saved From Hack Attack by Amazon Servers

Despite pissing off seemingly every lawmaker and authority figure in America, Julian Assange, the infamous, ivory-haired head of secret-file-publishing website WikiLeaks, seems quite at home running his site through an American company's servers. That company: Seattle's own Amazon. It's a good thing, too, considering a hacker managed to take out one of WikiLeaks' lesser servers abroad hours before making its latest secret data dump.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday an expansion of a story originally broken by Alex Norcliffe in his tech blog BoxBinary, a day after WikiLeaks published a quarter-million secret, and often embarrassing, diplomatic American and foreign communication cables.

The reason for WikiLeaks using Amazon's servers appear to be security-related.

The site was hacked a few hours before posting the massive archive of secret files on Sunday by someone calling him or herself "th3j35t3r" (the jester) and claiming to be trying to stop the site from "threatening the lives of our troops and 'other assets."

The hacker caused a crash on one of the site's sister servers in Sweden, but once WikiLeaks moved most of its traffic to its Amazon servers in the U.S., all was peachy and Assange got to barf out a few hundred thousand secret files that everyone will talk about, but almost no one will actually read.

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