Washington State Voters Express No Remotely Coherent "Will"--Except the Will to Get Everything for Free

As they rejected every proposed tax, overturned existing taxes, and made it harder to pass new taxes, Washington state voters made it clear as day that they hate giving money to the government. They even hate giving other, rich people's money to the government. Meantime they rejected three different measures that would have actually reduced what government does, voting down initiatives to privatize the liquor business and workers' comp. They also (overwhelmingly) supported eliminating bail for certain types of violent criminals, voting instead to keep them in prison (which is paid for by, uh, taxes).

In other words, the "will of the people" as expressed in our democracy is no different than the will expressed on the Internet--a desire for free porn, free news, free everything. It's not a will, it's just a self-indulgent fantasy, fueled by a Republican-stoked mirage of government waste.

As Trevor Griffey, a onetime Green Party organizer and political columnist, writes over at seattlepi.com:

Anyone who praises the democracy we have, and the initiative process in particular, should take note of the contradictory message of these electoral results instead of glossing over them.

The only fair description of Washington voter behavior in 2010, Griffey rightly observes, is "an absolute refusal to pay bills when they come due."

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