Travis C. Coleman Threatens to Kill Radio Shack Employees, Cops, Over Cell Phone Return

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The man just wanted to return his cell phone to Radio Shack. The problem was, it had been 33 days since he purchased it and the store's return policy is 30 days or less. So what's he to do when the store employees won't budge? If that man is 28-year-old Travis C. Coleman of Bellevue, the answer is apparently to threaten the lives of everyone in the store.

The drama started on Halloween day. Coleman walked into the Radio Shack and when he was told he couldn't return the phone, Bellevue police say he "made a fist and threatened to wait for the clerk and manager to 'take care of it personally.'"

After this, however, Coleman left the store. But soon after, he called back (presumably using the cell phone that he so despised).

After getting a female manager on the line, he allegedly told her that she "deserved to die" and that "there's a place in hell for her." Later, he crowned the tirade with a doozy, telling her that he was going to rip her son's head off.

Coleman apparently had just as much of a beef with the cops as with the store. When Bellevue Police Officer Thomas J. Moriarty called up Coleman to talk, the officer said he threatened to "take out our entire department."

He did, however, show some good sense in that when the officer asked him to come down to the store and meet him, he apparently said: "I'm not coming down there, you will arrest me."

He should know too. Coleman already has one conviction for telephone harassment in 2007, as well as another pending harassment charge. Counting his latest arrest this week, he's now racked up a total of three warrants and six bookings into King County Jail.

The crappy cellphone, meanwhile, is still in Coleman's possession.

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