Tony Domish, Former Granite Falls Police Chief, Abandoned Cases, Ignored Complaints, Watched Porn at Work, Report Says

Granite Falls residents have been waiting since April for the other shoe to drop in the case of embattled former police chief Tony Domish. The chief agreed to resign last month as part of a court settlement after a long, public feud with Mayor Haroon Saleem, in which both men accused the other of mishandling his job, but neither had unshakable proof. Now, a new report by the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office details a bevy of allegations against the former chief, including charges that he didn't tell prosecutors about several criminal cases, ignored complaints about his department and kept pornography on his work computer.

The drama started April 16 when Domish ordered a drug sweep that netted 10 arrests, including former Granite Falls Mayor Floyd "Butch" Derosia, who is friends with Saleem.

Domish tipped off local media before the bust, but didn't tell Saleem. So when his buddy was arrested in front of waiting news cameras, the mayor was furious. He put Domish on administrative leave, telling local media that he'd gone "rogue." And after weeks of court wrangling, in which the chief was able to land a $78,090 severance package and health benefits, he resigned.

In the meantime, the SCSO was brought in as a neutral agency to investigate the matter and the Everett Herald obtained a copy of their report.

The most serious of the charges stem from two cases involving a robbery and stabbing and a domestic assault case, in which an infant was hospitalized. In the case involving the injured infant, Domish is said to have not notified Child Protective Services and not filed a police report.

In the robbery-stabbing case, a suspect had been arrested and booked in jail, but Domish never followed up with prosecutors about it and the suspect was released.

Other cases involved minors possessing alcohol and shoplifting. In each, the sheriff's office says they found reports collecting dust in the chief's office, having never been forwarded to prosecutors.

In another allegation, Domish's department had received a glut of complaints about aggressive officers and the chief was told by the mayor to have a talking-to with his staff about it. He never did, the report says.

The sheriff's office also searched Domish's computer and found several nudie photos on it. A police volunteer also told investigators that she had seen pics of topless women on his computer before.

For his part, Domish has denied certain charges like the porn on his computer and he's tried to explain others, such as the seemingly abandoned cases, saying he thought they had been taken care of.

Besides violating police department policies, if proven, the allegations could lead to criminal charges as well.

So for now, folks in Granite Falls have a few more answers to what's been a ugly case of city hall versus police brass.

In the meantime, allegations that a former police chief is an inept pervert is doing nothing to help a town that was once dubbed "Methville" by Rolling Stone Magazine to improve its image.

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