There were so many sex stories in the news this past week that I decided to break format and just do a big round up.


Today in Sex: Angry Nudists, Sex for Money, and Jim Morrison Expunged?!

There were so many sex stories in the news this past week that I decided to break format and just do a big round up. Starting with angry naked people:

• The nudists who populate the Village Naturiste in Cap d'Agde, France, are furious over an influx of pervs using their idyllic happy land as a place for public fuckery. According to the Guardian, "Among the worst culprits, say villagers, whose numbers go from 300 in winter to 40,000 in the high season, are Italians." As opposed to the usual crowd of skyclad grannies and families, the Italians appear to be single and not shy about mingling. Outraged residents "spoke of witnessing orgies, voyeurism, fellatio, genitals being 'waved in people's faces' and people being tied to signposts and whipped."

• Speaking of naked people, Governor Charlie Crist is considering expunging dead Jim Morrison's record of his 1969 conviction for indecent exposure and profanity. I'm sure the Lizard King's rotting corpse will be greatly relieved not to have that hanging over it anymore.

• Ever wonder what goes on in a woman's brain during orgasm? Wonder no more!

• Both men and women who have sex for financial gain report less satisfaction than those who do it for love. Nor is sex much of a self-esteem booster, with both genders also reporting less satisfactory experiences when that was a motivator. Oddly enough, "Women who had sex to express something to their partner, like gratitude or apology, were more satisfied."

• Writer William Nicholson thinks women should forgive men their occasional infidelities. It's really not such a big deal, says he. The "enlightened" author thinks men straying is nearly inevitable (except for him, he's careful to say), because "The act of sex happens outside himself. It's something he throws away. It has no long-term consequences." Women are a different case altogether he says, because, "For you, the woman, sex requires you to open yourself up, to make yourself vulnerable, and to trust. It's something that happens within you, something you receive." Which apparently makes female infidelity less forgivable in Nicholson's book (which I think I'll give a pass). If I were Mrs. Nicholson, I'd be heeding my Spidey sense.

• The dating site OK Cupid has a data-mining arm called OK Trends, which reports on, well, trends in online dating. I've written about their data in the past and was completely gobsmacked to find out that it's a marketing/PR tool! Actually, it's a pretty effective one as after reading their reports, I suggested the site to several single friends. If you've been through the online trenches, you might also want to commiserate with others at

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