Today in Sex: Surgeon Decides Woman No Longer Needs Clitoris, So He Chops It Off

In a scenario all too reminiscent of the terrifying film, Dead Ringers, a 58-year-old Australian woman was diagnosed with a small patch of pre-cancerous skin on her vulva. Naturally, she wanted to get rid of it and so set up an appointment with her gynecologist to excise the thing. What Carolyn DeWaegeneire (the patient) didn't count on was having her surgeon inform her—just as the sedation was setting in so she couldn't protest—that he also planned on lopping off her completely unafflicted clitoris as well.

Can you fucking imagine? Truly the stuff of horror movies—imagine being unable to speak, move or kick someone in the groin as they're telling you that they've decided to remove your clitoris? My legs are crossed in agonized empathy.

What was supposed to be the removal of a tiny patch of skin (maybe 9 cm) turned out to be an excision of 60 square centimeters (a little over 23 inches) of sensitive skin, including her clitoris. The surgeon is up on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm and genital mutilation for the 2002 surgery. Indeed, when a nurse asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing, he callously replied, "Her husband's dead, so it doesn't matter anyway."

The doctor told the court that he never discussed orgasms with his patient, testifying, "I accept that without a clitoris orgasm is not possible ... but I have looked after women who have had simple vulvectomy who have had quite satisfactory sex lives with their husband." Satisfactory to whom, exactly?

The woman's lawyer countered with, "I put it to you, sir, that if you had told her that you were going to take 60-odd square centimetres of her genitals including her clitoris, she would have travelled anywhere to have the procedure done by anyone but you." Which sounds about right.

For some ungodly reason, the Australian press has rules against identifying doctors who do things like saw off women's pleasure bits for sport, so for all I know, he's still seeing other patients. Note to the Women of Australia: Don't let anyone with a knife anywhere near your ladybits until this jackal has been locked up. The trial is ongoing.

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