Study: California Pot Legalization Would Hurt B.C. Weed Industry

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Proposition 19, the infamous "weed legalization" initiative that California voters will decide on today, has drawn some unexpected supporters and opponents. Libertarians love it. The religious right hates it. Liberals mostly love it, but are too nit picky to really stand behind it. And pot growers themselves are split down the middle. Well, you can likely chalk the British Columbia pot growing industry in the firm "opponent" category. The Globe and Mail has a column by Robert Matas that predicts all manner of catastrophes if the ballot measure passes, saying it will cost B.C. tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars if Golden State tokers turn their buying practices inward.

The crux of Matas' argument lies in a report by the RAND Corporation that says the prop could cost B.C. $2 billion in exports and 20,000 jobs.

He also writes that street prices for California pot are between $300 to $450 per ounce now and will go down to $38 an ounce if the prop passes.

But as a very recent Bay Area-to-Seattle transplant, I can tell you that if you're paying $300 to $450 for an ounce of pot there, you're getting a massively raw deal. Prices (at least in northern California) are more like $175 to $250 per ounce.

And considering the heap of taxes that the broke ass state wants to add onto the drug, a $38 dollar ounce of pot may still end up costing $100 or more.

Whatever the case, Matas likely shouldn't worry. The measure, while riding high in its early days of the campaign, is now lazily napping at around 39 percent favoring it in a recent poll.

And for Seattleites who wouldn't want anything to jeopardize their relationship with their main supplier of the sticky icky, I ask, when has a little competition ever been bad for the consumer?

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