Snow Turns Seattle Into Cedar Rapids for a Day

Want to know what it's like to commute to work in the sleepy, frigid metropolis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa? What are you waiting for? Hit the road! After the city's post-Snowpocalypse road-salting strategy failed miserably Monday, leading to comically long commutes in a "storm" that Midwesterners wouldn't even bust out the scarves for, this morning's rumble in from West Seattle's Delridge corridor was as easy as yesterday's five-mile walk home from SoDo was hard.

Buses running along Delridge during the 8 o'clock hour were frequent, relatively uncrowded, and unimpeded by ice, thanks largely to direct sunlight penetrating the freeze in a manner that the temperature refused to. This trend continued on the West Seattle Bridge, whose temporary closure really kicked the Monday night clusterfuck into overdrive, and on through SoDo into downtown, where traffic is as scarce as Cedar Rapids on a typically snowy day. (Granted, the morning commute was not without its snags.)

While the sheer lack of traffic wrought by the majority of employers instructing their employees to telecommute or start the holiday weekend early deserves much of the credit for this morning's smooth sailing, we'll at least hand it to Metro and SDOT for doing their best to make amends for yesterday's colossal fuckups. But the fact remains that they were colossal fuckups, and unless they're able to call an effective audible before the next significant blanketing (due anytime, thanks to La Nina), it's going to be a long, slow winter.

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