Snohomish County Schools Revert to Organ-Based Fear Tactics in Fight Against Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol

Despite ad campaigns that have shown dope users' brains as eggs frying in pans or smokers as tar-dripping monsters, drugs, alcohol and smoking remain unwaveringly cool among many in the adolescent community. Enter Snohomish County schools to put some old fashioned fear into the hearts of youngsters with a new diseased-organ show-and-tell program.

As the Herald reports today, the schools have collected a bunch of real organs, including brains, hearts, livers and lungs, from people who spent a lifetime partying and are letting the kids handle the body parts themselves in an effort to scare them straight.

Funding for the program comes from the Tulalip Tribes and Providence General Foundation, and other schools are apparently clamoring to bring the gut show to their campuses.

The program, while succeeding in all areas of gross outitude, fails to nip the root of the problem in the bud, which is: drugs, alcohol and smoking are super-fun. Plus, adults do all three with great frequency, and there's nothing kids like more than pretending they're adults.

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