Sheila Kay Michalios, Babysitter, Arrested After Passing Out in Van in Front of Kids

asleep at wheel.jpg
As a daycare worker, there are some days that you have to clock in and watch the brats and there are others where you're free to park your minivan, crack open some brews and get royally blitzed until you pass out. Sheila Kay Michalios, 45, of Yacolt, apparently got the two confused last Friday when she was arrested in Battle Ground, allegedly tanked out of her gourd and passed out at the wheel, while a two-year-old boy and his 16-month-old sister were stuck in the van with her.

Worst of all for the kids, the woman was parked right outside an annual trick or treat event that the young'uns most certainly would have had an awesome time at.

Instead, they caught the latest episode of "Babysitter Shotguns Beers, Then Falls Asleep"--their least favorite program.

Cops were tipped off about the booze napping nanny by a man in a pirate costume, who presumably told his pirate friends that he at least pilfered her bounty of alcohol before turning her over.

The woman was booked into Clark County Jail on two counts of reckless endangerment, her child care license was suspended and the kids were checked out by medics and Child Protective Services, then released back to their parents.

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