Second Poll Confirms Dino Rossi Surge--Race Deadlocked

Last week, a Rasmussen poll showed Democratic incumbent Sen. Patty Murray trailing Republican challenger Dino Rossi by a single percentage point. At the time, some dismissed the results as inaccurate because most other polls showed Murray ahead--some even by double digits. Plus, the Rasmussen firm has a reputation among Democrats as favoring conservative candidates. But now, a new SurveyUSA/KING 5 poll released on Friday seems to confirm Rasmussen's assertions, showing the candidates tied at 47 percent each.

The poll shows Murray losing some of the rock solid support she's enjoyed from women voters and from the elderly, though she still holds an edge on both.

Rossi, meanwhile, has taken a commanding lead among independents and men.

Geographically, Murray does best in the Puget Sound area, while Rossi is more popular in eastern and rural Washington.

Whatever the case, that's two polls now that show Rossi surging and Murray sputtering.

And with the New York Times recently calling Washington "the new Florida" in terms of importance for GOP chances of taking control of the Senate, a close election--especially one that requires a recount--may come down to which candidate can hire the best lawyers.

KING 5's got the report.

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