Seattle + Snowstorm = Citywide Freak-Out

Bus snow01 small.jpg
A scene from my 10-mile, 75-minute commute.
Exactly much snow does it take to cause mass confusion, chaos and closures in Seattle? Apparently about two or three inches.

From the truncated bus service to the numerous road accidents, to the closure of King County Superior Court and dozens of schools, it seems that whatever capacity the city has in dealing with snow goes out the window as soon as it actually falls.

As DW's Nina Shapiro reported earlier today, the bus situation in town is a borderline travesty (as my own 75-minute commute from Greenwood can attest).

Other than the reduced schedule and snail's pace of the buses when they are moving, one such vehicle even flipped over on its side near the University of Washington Tacoma campus earlier today, injuring 12 people.

A recording on the King County Superior Court phone says that "due to emergency conditions" the court will close at 1 p.m. today.

And the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department is announcing that it will close all community-center programs at the same time.

Forecasts say there will be no letup from the storm until Wednesday, and that it will only get colder and icier tonight, meaning tomorrow may be an even bigger clusterfuck than today.

So, anyone else up for just canceling the rest of this workweek and coming back after Thanksgiving?

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