Seahawks Just Say No To The Randy Moss Show, Send Him On To Tennessee

So remember how Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was supposedly salivating over the prospect of snatching up newly emancipated Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss? Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Turns out Carroll says he barely gave it any thought when he passed on the theatrical 33-year-old. The Tennessee Titans just claimed the Pro-Bowler. So what of the "multiple sources" that told the PI that Carroll was interested?

No mention of that in the few hours it took Moss to go to market, Seattle to say "no, thanks" and Tennessee to pull the trigger.

It came down to Carroll not wanting the drama.

The Vikings had just 86'ed him for scoring more points as a professional douchebag than as a professional football player. And with a resume that included bitching about wanting to be on the team that just beat you, to ranting and raving about media conspiracies and "not being appreciated," Moss' modes operendi wasn't passing muster.

"There wasn't much of a consideration for us," Carroll said. "He's at the stage of his career where he's on the way, doing his thing. We feel like we like the way we're working and going right now and didn't feel we should go in that direction."

The good news is the Seahawks did pick up a tall ass veteran receiver named Ruvell Martin.

He's no Randy Moss on the long ball, but with Mike Williams and Golden Tate hurt and Brandon Stokley not yet 100 percent, Carroll thinks he'll do in a pinch.

Plus, he doesn't look like Buckwheat.

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