More Outlets Blow Holes In Kings-Coming-To-Seattle Meme

Ever since Sports Illustrated updated a story last Friday about a meeting between Sacramento Kings owner George Maloof and former SuperSonics exec Wally Walker in Seattle, everyone involved has done their best to downplay its significance. "It had nothing to do with us moving the team," Maloof had told SI. It was about "understand(ing) what their experience was" in terms of struggles to build a new stadium in Sacramento and to keep fans buying tickets. Sounds like something that could have been done with a conference call. Still, as more reports surface, Weekly managing editor Mike Seely's assessment that there's no way the Kings are headed to Sea-Town seems to only be reinforced.

It wasn't just the meeting between the two b-ball heads that set sports fans salivating; the fact that head Microsoftie and die-hard NBA fan Steve Ballmer recently unloaded $1.3 billion worth of company stock made the chance that he might be looking to purchase an NBA team all the more believable.

Maloof pokes as many holes in the Ballmer-buying-Kings meme as he can, telling the Sacramento Business Journal that "we've had no contact with him and the team is not for sale."

The Kings mainly want the city of Sacramento to spring for a new arena, and the threat that they might leave if they don't get one may be just the kind of pressure they need.

Seattle, which also has no new arena, would face the same hurdles as Sac-Town in getting one built.

So Maloof says the team's not for sale and Ballmer's peeps say he's not looking to buy.

Then again, anything any owner says about a deal involving moving an NBA franchise is likely to contain three parts bullshit to one part truth. Or, in a certain owner's case--cough-Clay Bennett-cough--100-percent bullshit.

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